Sunday. 29th June. 1851.

The heat intense,
I did not dare venture
to Church; went to lie down exhausted. Louis & Remsen
went alone. G. put on his night-gown to keep cool.
I rejoiced at Julia’s escape from the city.
Dr. Foggo rode up on horseback; bringing me a long note from
Julia, she is delighted at Rima’s. Begs to remain.

Monday. 30th.
Extremely warm.
I commenced packing our
trunks. Went through the house to put things in
Wrote to Julia, hoping Mr C. might call. he did not come.

Tuesday. 1st of July. 1851.
Still very warm.
This hot weather unfits me
for any thing, I cannot get out for any distance.
Put up all my small ornaments from the parlour. Covered
the furniture.
Wrote to Maria Hasbrouck.
G. rode with Remsen, to Claremont.

Wednesday. 2nd.
Sultry and Close.
Mr H. proposed taking us up to
19 St. in the waggon [sic]. We left our trunk of Silver, and [Bird]
under Catharine’ Case. She received us kindly as usual.
I pitied her from the depth of my heart; her anxieties
seem to bear her down. She is thin, and her hair is becoming
quite grey. but her smile remains to cheer the sick.

I went up to see father, he lies on his bed, and looks like death; so
changed. He seemed glad to see me, and felt interested about
our trunk, which he ordered under his bed. Mother is better,
than usual around all her troubles. Maria looks less happy
than the others, she does not possess the same soul or sense.
rather objected to our bird, but C. overruled her objections.
Mr H. invited C. to go with us to Rima’s, she accepted.
I bade all good.bye, went home to sleep, could not rest well.
C. came in at two oclock. We dined on chicken, and Rasp.
berries. Left home at four oclock, sun very warm; every
thing wet on me, as I sat in the carriage.
Some difficulty in finding Dr Carpenters. Julia sat at the
window, came to receive us unwillingly. A cordial welcome
from Rima, Dr C. and Hugh C. the clergyman. Dr Chapps
and another gentleman, were there to tea, Mrs C sick in her rooms.
We rested but did not stay to tea, took some of Rima’s Spice
Cake. Julia, left with tears in her eyes; all their fine
plans frustrated. Our ride home more pleasant, it was
nine oclock, before C. got to 19. St. She enjoyed the ride; and
was not so tired as myself.
Julia, fretted about most terribly, when she got home, every
thing displeased her. I wished her back with Rima.
Went to bed tired out with my excitements.
We were all much pleased with New Retreat, had no time
to go to the Beach. G. went with the boys.