Saturday. 28 June. 1851.

Not so schorchingly hot, Some air.
Showers in the distance.

I slept soundly last night, and did not awake untill the bell rang. G. was up sitting in
his night shirt reading the “Composition, which did not gain
the prize. He pronounced it good; for something.
I was full of unhappy thoughts, death, ill health, sickness,
the loss of friends, compassion for the invalids of home, kept
me from sleeping. A visit there gives me great pain, and
yet if it is the will of Providence, that some member of the
family should be in pain, it is sinfull to murmur.
If I could alleviate my fathers pain, or make him pass
to a happier world, without so much bodily anguish, it
would be a joy indeed. And poor mother, so gentle,
delicate, and uncomplaining, is an example of the good
christian. She truly has endured all things.
Catharine, is the comfort of the whole house hold, ______, kind
and efficient, all depend on her for happiness. Poor girl.
not strong herself, she is compelled to support others! I should
have sunk under her load, long ago.
Maria has been absent two weeks, in Jersey.
Julia prepared for her visit to Rima. Took a
bath and dressed; went out to purchase velvet and ribbon.
Jane and Miss Seaman called to see her.
Rima came in first before three oclock in a great heat & hurry.
I repented my promise, but was obliged to part with Julia
rain, and heat at the most unfortunate moment.
They left in haste, to meet the stage on the other side of the
river, much to my regret. I shall feel anxious to hear from
them, fear Julia will over heat herself to spoil her complexion.
G. came to dinner much heated, left again on busi-
ness. I took my dinner with some appetite, had the same
unpleasant feeling at my stomach before & after dinner.
At 6 oclock, it is close, no air, a little rain. I am very
warm; no clothes on, but miss_____.
A Friend still lingers. Mr Cornell & Foggo called to-night.