Friday 4th of July. 1851. Sing Sing.

Bright, and cool after the shower.
A Glorious fourth.
Mr H. felt stiff and did not get up
untill late, borrowed a dress from Mrs Swain. old clothes of
Mrs S. We dined and after dinner took a ride to Tarry.Town.
Every thing quiet, but few demonstrations of the fourth.
Margaret washed Mr H.s clothes, he resumed his own garb.
Fireworks in the neighbour hood, shone prettily, but it
appeared more like Sunday, so quiet, and serene. I do not
wonder they sigh for a sight of our fun in the city.

Saturday 5th July. 1851. Sing Sing.
Very warm.
We passed this day quietly, on
the bed most of the time, I felt so dull and sleepy, it
must be the change of air, and debility.
We rode to Sing Sing, met E. Reymes; he bowed.

Sunday. 6th July. 1851. Sing Sing.
Excessively warm
I did not feel well enough to go
to Church; G would not go alone.
Our day passed in reading. Books of all kinds plenty here.
How charming the quiet of the Sabbath day in the country.

Monday. 7th July. 1851. Sing Sing.
Warm as ever.
Mr H. left us for the
city. I rested myself out, and read untill tired.
Arranged all our clothes, in their proper places.
The Miss Leggetts called.