Friday. 8th July. 1851. Sing Sing.

Showers threatening, not so intensely warm.
This is a fine situation, the air is
so pure, and the ground so high.
I like it much better than the Leggetts; because our
rooms are so pleasant. and the family small.
Mrs Swain is a little gem, and Mr S. intelligent and
obliging. Julia, makes him sociable, and they joke
often to.gether. I begin to feel at home and think
it delightfull in this calm retreat.

Wednesday. 9th July. 1851.
Warm day; extremely so.
Mr H. came in to tea, walked
from the cars, much heated. out of patience with both
boat, and Cars. He does not love any trouble; complains
of being un well, eating too many uncooked oysters.
He went to bed early and slept soundly. I was restless.
A contented mind, the true [makes] of life, I wish they those
who aspire, would remember this truth.

Thursday. 10th July. 1851.
Intensely warm; mist and heavy sky.
G. proposed going to Tarry.town.
we set off, but repented before half way, the sun broke out
We took some lemmon.ade, and returned from our ride. feeling
this day the climax of hot weather.

Friday. 11th July. 1851.
Very warm; no breeze to fan our cheeks.
Mr H. went to the city, we escorted him
part of the way. I took comfort in my room without clothes
in this hot weather. Sew a little, and read by turns.
I love to be alone in very hot weather, as my pleasures are
tranquility and amusements for the mind. Company or
excitement annoys me. Julia is different in her tastes.

Saturday. 12th July, 1851.

Still very warm weather.
Mr H. came up to.night tired with
the heat. Brought us some news papers. He is complaining of
a cold. I think him imprudent in eating, and sleeping; but he
is not to be reproved.

Sunday. 13. July. 1851.
Cool, fine day.
Mr. H. took us to Church, the Presbyterian
church in Sing Sing. We heard a missionary sermon from Mr. Green,
chaplain of the prison. Saw the Reymes family. Remsens,
and the Miss Phermy’s. Julia had a confab with them.
They came to the gate to see her after tea. Miss Remsen leaves
Sing Sing, on Monday. Julia regrets the society of these young
ladies; and misses her school.girls.

Monday. 14 July. 1851
A fine day.
Mr H. left us to day for the city.
This week passes away agreeably, but I must try to think
of some particulars, having neglected to note them daily.

Tuesday.15- Very warm.
Margaret rubbed the
skin from my feet, left them sore. Mr Swain took us to Sing Sing.
I called on Mrs Hale; passed an hour with her.

Wednesday. 16. Sore foot, put on plasters.

Thursday. 17. lame.

Friday. 18. lame.

Saturday 19. Mr Hasbrouck came up, bringing a piano for Julia,
the waggon, saddle, and jug of brandy. He looks very pale
has a cold. Is cross before he goes to bed and after also; tired
perhaps; but I must coax him to be good, as usual.

Monday. 21st.

Tuesday 22nd A friend from abroad; to be welcomed. S.B.
No pain or aches, this is true friendship; without alloy.