Monday. 28th July. 1851.

Cool, clouded sky. Charming weather.
An Eclipse of the sun, between 8 & 9. A. M.
Henry burnt glass for the astronomers; young & old.
It was partial, not very dull or perceptible.
I have written a few lines to Catharine to send by
Mrs Swain, to the city.
Julia, practices [sic] her music, and will accomplish something
before her father comes up.
I must now go to my sewing, as it will fatigue me to stoop
over this desk.
My health is improving daily, and my face getting round.
The cares of house keeping, and the fatigue of the city house
Keeps me in a weary state from morning ‘till night. Here
my exercise is on level ground, in fresh air; no dark
clouds in the horizon; on the contrary winds, to shatter my
frail back.
Miss Reymes and Miss Wetherly, called on us; the latter young
lady is homely, but pleasant. Julia will enjoy a visit to her,
as she is gay and musical.

Tuesday. 29th July. 1851.
Cool and delightfull.
I walked with Henry in the
morning, he is soon tired, and thinks he has taken cold.
I then took my sewing, have little appetite to.day.
We rode to Sing Sing, before tea, Mrs Swain Henry & the boys.
The horse went very well, I was not tired.
We bought a pair suspenders for Remsen. 3 shill. Candies 6 ct.
Our ride very pleasant, and cool.
Julia, went to the Leggetts to tea, from there went to explore
Mrs Bartlet[t]s Castle She returned late, much fatigued.
A long letter from Catharine, to Henry; father is more comfortable,;
and she wishes Henry to enjoy himself.
Mr Wetherby, sent over a second note from C. written before the letter.