Friday. 1st of August. 1851 Sing Sing.

Delightful day, a proper temperature for comfort.

Our last summer month is here, how
soon the season go by. Four weeks yesterday since.
we left home, I am very well, much stronger and better
than usual. Hope to keep my health until my return
if Providence wills it so.
I am satisfied with this place, and should not like to go
back to the old farm of Mr L’s. We are more alone
here, the family is small; our rooms pleasant and “airy.”
We have taken our usual walk to Reymes farm this
morning, Henry goes with us; he is much stronger, and
looks much better.
I look for Mr H. to.morrow, he is a sad run away, and I
think may prolong his stay; if he enjoys himself.
Perhaps Maria, will return with him, to visit us; at all.
events I hope to see him to.morrow. or before.
We rode before tea to Tarry.town. left Remsen in the
woods, had some trouble to find him. Met the Leggetts; they
told us he was on the aqueduct. Louis rode on horseback after
tea. Julia and Miss Davis, went to call on Miss Wetherby; her
brother escorted them home.
I read untill ten oclock, a Novel by George Sands, First, and
true love” a tiresome, wordy production.