Thursday. 31st July. 1851.
Cool, and fall. like day.
We find a change from
the heat of the last month; and complain now of chills.
I love this cool, and sleep sweetly through the night. Henry
is a frozen house plant; but I send him to ride, and try to make
a Man. Louis drove him to, they returned to dinner
bringing some candies & nuts.
I sewed industriously all the morning; finished the last
shirt. Slept an hour after dinner, had a pain in my stomach.
At four we went up to Mrs Leggetts to tea, spent a pleasant
afternoon. Eliza gave us a fine supper of good thing, her bread
and tongue delightfull. The old people look well, as bright as ever.
Julia, sang for them in the evening. A large audience.
Will Legget escorted us home.
Henry remained with Mrs Swain.
Margaret washed some things dressed etc. Mrs Hoyt
would cost too much, if I give her all our clothes. Small articles
we do at home; Mrs S, has no objection.