Saturday. 2nd August. 1851.

A fine day. not too warm or cool.
I awoke too late for health this lovely morning.
Walked a mile with Henry. Mrs Swain & Julia rode to Sing Sing for Mr
Swain and his niece, Louis drove. A letter from Catharine, she thinks
father much better; the city cool and all the rest well.
A surprise today, after dinner as we were talking of Maria H.[Hasbrouck]
and I hoping she would defer her visit, she made her appearance
coming alone from Rondout. had she waited two weeks later,
it would have suited us better, our accommodations being limited.
I dislike a large family, and confusion, it upsets my nerves.
Could not get my usual sleep; my heart beat loud and long.
Poor Mrs Swain, looks for a young lady, from the city; to pass some
days. another trouble; I pity the little soul from my heart; but
our confusion will not last long, thank fortune.
Maria occupies a little corner room; very pleasant; only
the boys laugh at her Cot.
G. arrived to a late tea, seems very well, and cool as usual.
I am infected by his frigidity. A dark cloud in the horizon.
Singular dispositions, the H.’s & family have, all so similar.

Sunday. 3rd August. 1851.
Beautiful day.
Mr H. took our carriage full to
Church. Mr Frainer, preached his first sermon. They were pleased
with Mr F. G liked him much; he shook hands with all.
We did not get down the hill. Henry remained at home all day.
I rode to Tarry town after tea. I was unhappy this morning
but, turn my thoughts to other hopes; Tears are for the earth.

Monday, 4th August. 1851.
A fine day.
Garret took me a charming ride through
Sleepy hollow; I spoke to Mrs Horton.
He insisted on my going through, the Prison at Sing Sing in the
afternoon, we all went. Mr Hale escorted the party. I was not pleased
but felt a dread of something. We were introduced to Tom Wetherby.
The prisoners look pale and dejected, all at work.
Niles and the “Confidence Man” conspicuous. Every thing neat & clean.