Thursday. 7th August. 1851

Very close morning, showers at noon.
We took a late breakfast, I could not eat
a mouthful, my taste gone; and ________ feeble from excitement.
Mother & Catharine, both slept. during the night.
A carriage came to take me to shop. We went to a mourning
store in Broadway, and bought our Mourning;. “Mrs Mayer’s” .
A gingham, berege, and muslin, each, fans, & collars. 21$.
I returned home faint; left the bundle at Mrs Bloodgood’s.
Maria H. & Julia, remained down town; went to the house.
I took some brandy & water, and ate some crackers;
it revived me. Slept a few minutes.
Rain fell in torrents, we dined at two. The girls came home
in a carriage. At four we bid adieu, and took the cars
for Sing Sing. Mother felt sad, a tearfull farewell, poor soul.
She will miss her kind protector. An [irreparable] loss to her.
We reached home in a shower, Mrs Swain
had gone to meet us in our carriage, but we missed each other.
I slept soundly to.night, Mr H composed my mind;
Could I look on him in death; this thought haunted my mind