Friday. 8th Aug. 1851.
Warm and misty.
Mr H. returned to the city.
I rested myself, from my exertions to be gay. Thought of my
poor father; now I trust in Heaven. How soon we return
to the little things of earth. I am surprised at myself, but
shocked by others; transient sorrow for the lost.

Saturday. 9th Aug.
I went to Sing Sing with Mrs
Swain and Louis, took our bonnets to be trimmed with black.
`Brought Mr Swain, home with us.
Louis, went for his father before tea, and brought
home my band box, the hats tolerably trimmed. G. took me to ride
by moonlight, Mr H. left them all well at mothers but C. who improves.
Eugene arrived last night. from Savannah.
I went to Mrs Walkers & Ayr’s, to get board for mothers family.