Sunday. 10th Aug. 1851

Cool fine day.
Mr H. took us to Church; Miss Davis ___
Mr Frainer gave us a good sermon. I think him energetic.
“Jesus Christ the only Mediator between God and Man”. his text.
Communion in the afternoon; Miss Davis remained.
We shook hands with Mr Frainer, he is very affable.
I shrink from public view, having on a dark dress, not black.
Maria, Julia & Louis went to Dr Creighton’s, after dinner.
We rode to Tarry.town after tea. G was chilly & returned.

Monday. 11th Aug. 1851.
Mist, but a warm day.
G. took the waggon [sic],
and Remsen for drives, we went to Mr Courtneys, back of
the village. G. engaged board for mothers family. They
will be too far from me, but I must learn to ride up hills.
Mrs Courtney is plain, but good hearted, her house small. I
only wish her bed rooms were larger & on the second floor.
Mother will miss her fine rooms at home. I thought
of waiting to see Mrs Hortons, but G. decided on this place.
So there was no appeal. If C. gets her health; all will
be well. I wish Henry; could be with us. it suits him so well.
G. took me to Tarry town before tea, the dust was
terrible, I was covered on my return. Remsen drove us.
Miss Creighton, called on me, leave for New port to.morrow.

Tuesday. 12th Aug. 1851.
Warm, after the mist went over.
I rode to the Cars with Louis &
Mr H. Shopped on my way home, bought Muslin for night gowns.
and sleeves. Was not afraid of the horse, Louis drove well.
Julia, Maria, Miss Davis, Louis & Remsen, went to tea with
the Miss Leggetts. had a fine, jolly time.
I passed the afternoon in tears, thinking of my poor father.
It is a longing to indulge my grief, but I find no sympathy.

Wednesday. 13 Aug. 1851. Sing Sing.

Close; and sultry, showers in the distance.
Louis went to Mr Leggetts to play
with the boys. We rode to Sing Sing after tea before tea. Maria,
Mrs Swain, Josy, myself and Louis. I took my hat to be dyed could
not get it done, Bought inked trimming for the little dress. Maria H.
treated to Ice cream, and Soda Water. We met Miss Wetherby on our return.
A warm night, Remsen complains of moschitoes [sic].