Wednesday. 27th 1851

A fine cool day.
I went to Tarry town with G..
he left in the Cars at nine oclock. Louis drove me
back, our ride charming.
Eugene came in from the mountain, took Julia home to
spend the day with her grandmother. I walked a part
of the way with them. A poor dinner
I took a fine sleep on the bed after dinner, it refreshed me
and gave me renewed strength , and spirit.
Louis, went for Julia in the waggon.
Mr Swain & Mrs S. rode to the village, returned late. Louis
frets about Charly. Does not like him to be used.
I sent mother the papers.

Thursday. 28th Aug. 1851.
A lovely day.
The temperature just right altho! I slept cold last night and had chills.
Louis, drove Julia and myself to Sing Sing, after the break fast. Remsen
rode on David behind the carriage. We went to the milliners,
with Catharines bonnet. to the shoe makers with Remsens boots.
Post office, and candy store, also bought Julia a pair of gloves. 3 __
Called for Henrietta Hale, and brought her home with us to
dinner. I enjoyed my dinner of “roast beef”, a good appetite We then returned to our beds for a rest.
I am much better, nothing to annoy me, repose of
mind, and body essential to my comfort.
Louis took Henrietta home after tea, Julia went with her
brought back her Aunt Cate’s bonnet; made larger.
I began to feel anxious about them.
We walked to the Church before tea. Mrs Swain gave
us a delightfull supper, her jelly cake, and biscuit excellent.