Friday. 29th Aug. 1851

Warm, and clear sky.
I determined to go and pass the
day with mother. Set off with Louis, about ten, we found the
sun very hot, and could not ride far. Louis had been to the village
on horseback to buy fish hooks. before we started.
I passed a pleasant day, but missed my charming room.
We dined at one oclock; only a tolerable dinner, the pudding
very good, too much for my taste. The invalids ate hearty; they
do not ____ their complaints.
We took a rest after dinner, but not sleep; the heat oppressive.
Mrs [Ogline] called about four, we went to walk on the Rocks.
She is a pleasant Irish lady, from Philadelphia. enjoys the country
and is the wife of an episcopal clergyman.
I returned home after tea, Charly full of life.
and too much inclined to go; he longed for home as much
as I did. Brought some plums to the family.
I was so unfortunate as to break the handle of a little
marble candle stick on the mantel piece. but hope to replace
the mischief.
The children sick to.night, Mrs Swain full of trouble.
I slept delightfully, untill morning. How sweet a calm
untroubled sleep! it is seldom my lot to get an unbroken
rest, unless alone.
Julia, returned Miss Remsen’s call. Miss Wetherby invited her to
meet the Miss [Wards] and Mrs Thompson to.morrow afternoon.