Friday 5th August September. 1851. Sing Sing.

Warm, calm and clear.
I kept quiet this morning. took my chalk.
and felt better. Sent the waggon for Henry. Catharine came in his place.
The desire to give pleasure to others is a virtue, but it certainly
gives me some trouble to decide the ways and means. Our horses,
have been used by all this summer, and I try to keep all straight.
Louis a little crooked sometimes.

Saturday. 6th August September. 1851.

A warm day, too warm for Comfort.
Mr H. came up in the afternoon.
Louis went down in the large waggon [sic]. I could not go. Felt too weak;
but better than I did yesterday. Mr S. and Mr H. came together with
a load of eatables.

Sunday. 7th Aug September. 1851.

Warm, and bright. We all went to
Church to hear Mr Frainer. I suffered from heat, and do no think
of going again unless cooler weather. Rode with Garret, after tea,
went up to see mother, the moonshine lovely. Met them on the
road, rambling by moonlight.

Monday. 8th Aug. September 1851.

Very warm. Louis took G. and my self to the [Cars.]
I shopped on the way home bought some worke] trimming & still,
David went lazy enough.

Tuesday. 9th Sep.

Clear and sultry. Mist in the morning.
I sent the waggon for Henry to go to Dr Creightons, he declined
Catharine came in his place. Mrs [Ogline,] husband, and sons, Maria
I do not reccall the events of this hot day.
The weather has been so scorching for ten days, that I only wish to
keep cool, and enjoy a quiet tranquill life. Visiting is out of the question,
and, I wait patiently for cooler times. Rain is wished for by all.