Monday. Sep. 15.

Cool, and clear. Louis took his father to the Cars. I tool the clothes to Mrs Hoytes, and called to see the Leggetts. Sat an hour in the kitchen with them all.
It was lovely to ride. Eugene came in with little [Ogiline] to go and fish. Remsen & Julia went with them. Louis took them
part of the way home. I could not get up the hill
I went to Dr. Creightons with Julia, to return their visit. Our call
very pleasant. we walked over the grounds in the garden, and were
presented with Grapes and “magnificent boquet [sic]”. Miss Meade a very

pleasant woman, and miss C. plain but agreeable. The Dr, hospitable and
very much the gentlemen, We met Mr H. first as we returned,
coming home from the Cars, I jumped in after tea to ride, found it
too cold for comfort. A good fire at the Dr- was charming.
Margaret [house servent] left me this morning to assist in house cleaning.

Tuesday. 16 Sep.
We all went to the Cars to say
good bye, to mother, they all left Countreys this morning after
a jaunt of four weeks. The cars detained one half hour, we had time
to chat. Mr H. went down also, and Miss Davis, took Josy.
Our house lonely, family so small. I shall miss mothers
family from the _______. We went in the large waggon [sic] after
dinner for Mr H. I took Mrs Swain for the ride. I called on
Mrs Frainer, our visit very pleasant. She is a fine, bright
little body, and has her house like wax work. Mrs Smith, seemed
like old times, and we had quite an old times **confab. Mr H. came
for me, our ride home crowded. Mrs Swain put up a stove in
a little room near mine. this is comfortable.