Wednesday.17. Sep. 1851.
Lovely fall weather, rather cool.
Louis took his father to the Cars
at Tarry town, I went with him, our ride home charming. Mr H.
will not return to.night. Miss Wetherby took Julia to Sing Sing, they
went to church, but the Confirmation was reformed as Bishop De Leney
had gone to attend the funeral of his brother in law. “Cooper the author”.
Mr Cooper was sixty.two and died at his residence in Cooperstown.
Mrs W. too Julia to the Cemetry [sic] at Tarry town; she came
home after dinner, I had gone to bed for my nap.
We passed the evening at Mrs W. I found them clever , and
the young beau lively. They all made enough noise for a dozen
[firemen]; but still did not forget their politeness. Mr Thomas es.
corted me carefully home, and George took care of Julia.
I felt a little [______sy] at our unprotected ________, and could not
obtain a profound slumber until near morning. We had no big
[guard] in the house.

Thursday. 18. Sep. 1851
Beautifull day, just the proper temperature.
I thought of a ride this morning, but post poned it , as I feel dull & sleepy. This cool weather agrees with me, I feel strong and can walk a mile or two without
dread or pain. besides looking much better than I did in the
heat. I often wish for a companion, Julia is more fond of excitement
and strangers, than of a quiet walk with her mother; she will
in some future hour regret this waste of affection.
After dinner, we took the large waggon [sic], and went down to the village, sat an
hour with Mrs Todd. Her daughters dressing for Mr Churchill’s ball. Mr H. took us Mr H took us home, I feel happy to find[s] my visits all paid.
Mr H. brought me a lovely basket of peaches, a small treasure for myself.