Friday. 19. Sep. 1851.

A fine day, air lazy and soft. I sent two magazines, and a few
peaches to Miss Charlotte. She came over to give us an account of the
ball. Young Wood, told her he wished to invite Julia but knew not her res-
idence. Louis, went for his father, brought home Miss Davis, Josy.
Julia, Mrs S. amd Mr H.

Saturday. 20th.
A bright lovely day. I rode to Tarry town with G. to
the cars, Louis brought me home, our ride charming. no frights.
At three we went up to call on Mrs Ogiline our visit agreeable. Sat at
the Courtneys a few moments. The sun very hot, we were both
heated by our ride. Louis, went for his father; brought him home
to tea. A few lines from C. all well and glad to be at home. Mrs S.
and Remsen, went with old Mose for Mr S.

Sunday. 21st
A fine morning, dull afternoon, slight Rain in
the evening. Mr H. took the children to Church, I staid at home
wrote to C. We walked to “St Marys” in the afternoon heat, and dust
intolerable; and the smell of paint worse inside the church. A full
audience, Dr Creighton, Mr Meade, and a stranger performed the service.
I wished my self home, did not enjoy the Services; they more dull
and not eloquent. Mr Knowlton escorted Julia, to the Church, Mr W.
from it. A little sprinkle frightened us but it was not much.

I unfortunately aroused a spark, always too ready to ignite; by a complaint
of the weather. I certainly felt too much ____ for comfort, or patience.
Rain fell in the evening, every thing dull, and out of sorts. G. kept
on the piano untill his bed time of eight oclock. We retired soon after.
I slept badly, singular chills, and heat by turns.