November. 1851. New York.
A fine month, not cold, but two slight snows.
Mr friends called on me, and the
time would have passed charmingly away, had not my lungs
been delicate, this is the draw back to my happiness.
Cornelius, Maria, the Dr, Benjamin, paid us a visit in this month.
Julia went to a party at Matilda Remsen’s. Annie Lawrence
came home with her to stay all night.
Mrs Howe, and her little son Lawrence dined with me.
Mr, Mrs Swain passed an evening.
The children became interested in their studies.
Mr [Parson] & Mr Van Winkle, recommend music teachers to Julia
I must decide.
Miss Wetherby and brother George paid is a visit of three days.
Mr Knowlton passed an evening. Mr H. [showed] him his “Wax
Lady”, an addition to our curiosities
Mr H. purchased black cloth cloaks embroidered for J & I.
$43. each . and gave me permission to get any other article
I wished, so I took a Comb. bag, sleeves &collars. Card. case
and so forth. G. spoiles me by his indulgence, but I try to do
and be all that he desires, as a poor return for his kindness.
Black uncut bonnets with thin edge for Julia and self in this