I know many of you have been waiting anxiously for Julia’s return. She writes a few entries for December but will resume her daily entries in January.

Happy holidays to all of our readers!

New York. December. 1851 19 Charlton Street.

Our first winter month has been full of inconsistencies.
Extreme cold followed by mild weather has been the course
of our temperature. One week of intense cold, froze our gas,
Croton, and left us in despair for these luxuries.
Then followed a snow storm with a few days of sleighing, to
be succeeded by a mild rain, equal to spring showers.
Colds and sickness follow in the train of this fickle
atmosphere, and but few escape influenza.
Mr H. and Remsen have been slightly affected, Louis ditto.
Christmas was a day of pleasure to all.
I made my preparations and laid in the presents for
this joyful occasion.
Mr. Hasbrouck was himself this year, and generous as
a prince. He laid in every thing good to eat, and
gave us plenty of good cheer?
I invited F. and Bell to dine with us, but she was engaged
to pass the day with her mother.
Mr. H. presented Louis and Remsen with a silver watch,
gold chain & key very handsome gifts.
To Julia & myself a rich bracelet, in his usual taste.

To mother a large inlaid case of of our family.

Actual daguerreotype cases of the Hasbrouck family

to myself a quantity of daguerreotypes in all cost $96.
These were our rich presents from our “royal St. Claus”.
I filled the stockings of the children, gave Julia perfume,
Louis gloves, and button loops, Remsen the same.
Sent Catharine & Maria, pocket handkerchiefs embroidered in black.
Sent three books for Edger & Remsen, Collen & pin for Anna.
The Star of Bethlehem a book for Sue Chanery.
A gold thimble to Isabella.
A pair of gloves to Mr. H.
Margaret & Ann, collars embroidered, sleeves, & work baskets.
bows of ribbon, my old velvet bonnet to M.
Every one with their present on Christmas, we could
not wait untill New Year.
A box of Raisins from Ferdinand, to me.
“Flowers of lovliness [sic]” an annual from Uncle F. to Julia.

Books from Uncle F. to Louis and Remsen.

We did not dine with mother on Christmas
as usual, our fathers death would make our meeting too
sorrowful. The children found the day long
The walking was very wet, but the day pleasant,
we dined alone
Julia made the most of this holiday, ten charming days.
Louis & Remsen also, they bought a sleigh to ride on the
ice on Christmas