Friday. Jan. 6th 1852.
A storm of rain, snow & sleet.

A dull day to some, but to me most
welcome as many house hold affairs will be done in
good style, if my eye overlooks.
Remsen remains from school, he is not sick today.
I feel very well, and have flown over the house, like a
bird. Anne [house servant] might say an ill omen. Her sluggish steps
must be hurried, and who can trust to an Irish girl.
Her health seems very poor this winter.
I wrote a letter to Bell.
Mr. H. complaining of dullness, wants more exercise.
His business too sedimentary. I wish he could ride out,
but the roads are too miserable.

Wednesday. Jan. 7th 1852.

Clear, but cold, ground covered with Snow.
It was late before G. went to his
office. I took my bath and went out to walk. Sent an
apology to Miss Clarke, and Miss Van [Blarcum], for Julia.
Purchased gloves for Louis and Remsen $1.
[Sandpans]. 50 cts. Lace 12 cts.
Dr Duvall came in after dinner, sat untill
tea hour. I had a chat with him about his family &
prospects. Could not give my consent.
Mr. H. gave the children new notes for their money,
and two dollars apiece to the boys. Remsen has $14
in his post monies; saves up every cent. Louis
calls him “a Miser”.
Sent a letter and thimble of gold marked to Bell.
Mr H. took it to F.s store.