Friday. 9th Jan. 1852. 19 Charlton St.
Damp and clouded sky.
Sent my carrier dove
to invite some guests. Mr H. very efficient.
I went to Wellers, ordered refreshments.
Met Charlotte, invited her to come in the evening.
My nerves a little racked, but better than usual.
George Little dined with us.
Julia came late from school, out of spirits.
Fanny too sick to come out, and the three choice
spirits in a sleigh by her door.

Mr Leati, came by to give the first lesson punctual
to the hour of four.
Julia dressing, she ate no dinner and looks pale.
Snow fell before night.
Our guests came rather late some to tea and
others to supper. Mrs S. Mr L. and Henry S, with C.
and Maria sat down to a lovely tea.table. Mary Remsen
also. Catharine poured out coffee and tea for me.
Our appetites for warm biscuits good.
Miss Carpenter, Miss Weatherby, Mr & Mrs
Anelli, Mr Cornell, and Mr Angirs, were all the
guests. Mr Weatherby came in late for his sister.
The southern beaux [Dr Duvall] and two 19 Street beaux were much
deplored, also Miss Fanny’s non-appearance.
The evening seemed dull, too few for dancing, and
no good singers. Rima, and Mr C. childish, Julia
did not appear as usual. She missed the absent
and sat too much with R.
Our supper delightfull, all seemed happy,
to get something to eat.
Mr H. does the honors of his house well, and
entertains his friends royally.
All left before twelve.
I was glad all was over, but regretted with G. the
disappointments of the evenings.
Mrs S. took C & M. home in their carriage.