Tuesday. 13. Jan. 1852.
Clear, and very cold. Snow in the evening.
This is one of the coldest days.
I passed the morning with mother,
found them all well, but all complaining.
Eugene, better of his cold, thin and pale.

Mr. Leati to.day. I saw him, thinks Julia’s voice,
sweet, and adapted to the parlour, not powerful.
Her musical perceptions fine, and abilities quick.
He spoke almost too highly for a new beginner.
A note from Fanny.
Mr Duvall came in to escort Julia there, I declined
her going. He sat an hour, looking hand some.
Julia practiced her music all the evening.
I sat in the chair to read, and listen.

Mr H. frightened [,] thought his ring lost. found it in
his pocket.
The plumbers, put a new basin in our closet, the
frost cracked the handle from the old ones.

Wednesday. 14. Jan. 1852.

Dull, and the appearance of Snow.
Too late for the Stage.
Julia walked to school.
I sat mending all the morning, my back aches.
No interruptions, but Mrs F’s [Falconer] bill.
G. came in to a late dinner, the fish not cooked
enough to suit him. He slept after dinner on the sofa.
I went to walk, moderate and fine atmosphere; it is different
from the bitter cold of the past week.
Julia went over to see Charlotte, George brought her home safe.
Garret, spent his evening from home.
Armstrong paid 31 dollars to.day.