Monday. 19. January. 1852.
Clear, very cold. Snow deep.

Julia hoped for a sleigh, and gave
three groans for the Omnibus.
Mr H. employed a boy, to clean our walk; sat some
time to watch him
I went around the house, and swept, dusted
putting things in order.
Dressed and was so unfortunate as to cut my toe.
but hope it will pass over.
Have not touched my work basket this day; how
time flies, and our duties accumulate;
Life is truly short; too short for dreams & sloth.
We must awake from our slumbers for our days
are swifter than the wind.
I do not get through my work, or the tasks of day
as I could wish.
Broadway, full of fun and frolic, the snow, puts
every one in good spirits.
Splendid equipages , crowded with belles skim the streets,
and the huge Omnibuses on runners look like worlds.
Louis & Remsen went to ride. G. looks on the fun
but does not care, to participate.