Thursday; 22nd January. 1852.
Cold, but less intense than yesterday.

I finished stocks for the boys.
Took a walk, and bought some yarn.
The plumbers mending a burst pipe to day.
Julia waited for her sleigh ride, but the beau never came.
She went to pass the evening in the basement, to write
her French composition.
Maria & Eugene came to tea. Louis & Remsen went to
the soiree.
Came home after 12. I slept badly. G. went up at one oclock
to see if they were in bed. I was anxious to know them safe
felt nervous and miserable. I gave 3 dollars to the bible
society to Miss [Van Schoik].

Friday, 23rd Jan. 1852.
Moderate, snow melting.

I am charmed to find it so much more
endurable, and slept quite warm.
Took a promenade, and looked for a common bonnet,
bought some ribbon for bows.
Paid a phillipine to Julia of a bow of ribbon.
My little toe painfull, when I arose this
morning, and often my walk was compelled to take off my
shoe. It is inflamed from a small incision of the
scissors. A poultice gives me some ease. Put on a
big moccasin.
Dr Duvall, came in to apologize for not appearing yes.[terday]
thought I would disapprove of his coming so often.
Left, when Mr Leati came in. I went out also.
My foot very painfull.
Julia went to Fannys after tea.
Charlotte & George came in, I sent for her, she was gay.
We went to bed quite in good time.
A trial of chills and troubles to.night, enough to unfit
an amazon. Disappointment; doubly to be deplored.
My head will suffer.