Monday. 26th Jan. 1852.
Mild, and Clear sky. Rain, & sleet early in the

Catherine Norton Sinclair Forrest

Julia too late for the stage, walked to school.
She was sick after dinner; took camphor, felt a load
on her stomach. Recovered before tea; and ate hearty.
I was anxious to hear the verdict in the Forrest
trial. [Provoked] to find Mrs F. clear, with 3000 a year.
To me the jury seemed very partial.

I sewed steadily and ached to go
out in the open air.

Tuesday. 27th Jan. 1852.
Mild as spring.
How we enjoy this mild air.
our Croton pipes even relent from their frozen inactivity.
Julia went to school, and seems well
Maria, came in to tell me of the death of Uncle Thomas
Lawrence, aged 87. in Geneva.
He was eleven years older than my father, but lived ten years & six
months longer. Aunt Gardinier is the last of the
family and over 70 years, but still very active.
Mr Leati gave his lesson, praised Julia,
and brings her a song, the next time.
He is sick with a cold, and could not sing.
Dr Duvall, sent an apology to Julia and
could not escort her to the Opera, as he is sick from
cold, confined to his room.
I walked out in a big shoe, my toe better.
I read “MacBeth” this evening, enjoyed it very much.
Mr H. went to bed at eight oclock, feeling unwell from
eating too much at dinner; oysters disagree with him.

A letter from Maria Hasbrouck, she has been sick, ever
since her return home, taking calomel, and dieting for
liver complaint.