Wednesday 28th Jan. 1852.
Beautiful day, the snow melts rapidly.

The wet street are a sad thing, for the
clear sky temps everyone to walk.
I went down to the Mourning store, looked at bonnets.

Mrs W. Burgoyne, called and pleased me very much.
She has fine eyes, and a deportment most striking.
I found her very sociable, and think her like Mrs
Okill in voice, looks, and manners.
Her boy is a beautifull little fellow, like his mother.

Having my room swept and sit in the
basement to sew.
Put wristbands on Remsen’s shirt. sleeves.

Hr H. bought ten Mats for the front hall.

I took a short walk, but soon returned the streets were too wet.
Sat in the basement, and put bands on Remsens shirt sleeves.

Mrs. William Burgoyne ___ called. I am so much pleased
with her. She has been a belle, and is still fine looking.
Her little boy is pretty, like his mother. She was very
kind and pressed me to come and see her.