Thursday. 29th Jan. 1852. 19 Charlton St.
A mild spring day.
I went to get the air, but
returned to my room could not get over the mud.
Wrote a long letter to Maria Hasbrouck; it
made my back ache. I slept before dinner.
A note from Bell. Mr H. displeased because
he suspected me of not reading all its contents.
What would he say to a Consuelo epistle treasured up’
for months.
I wished to go pass the evening with Bell, but saw
that the horizon was not clear: gave it up.
G. went to 20th St.
Mr [Outllaw] called to report his friends recovery.
Wished Julia to go to Mrs. Tilestons. I could not
consent as she had lessons & a cold.
Wrote for her a composition on Sleighs.