Friday. 30th. Jan. 1852.
Bright sun shine, mild as summer.
I dressed and rode up to see
mother, spent the morning, all well. Henry looks pale,
and is delicate. Catharine well, and in spirits.
Mother, seems to get on cheerfully, I feared the
news of Uncle Thomas death, would renew her griefs.
I returned to dinner, ate hearty. Took a Nap.
Mr Leati gave his lesson, and politely offered Julia tickets
to Astor place Opera.
We went to hear Norma sing at Niblo’s. [Bosio] and Dr Aries.
sing beautifully. The house crowded, our seats good; but
far back. We waded thro miles of mud to get home
and I think paid dear for the pleasure.
Louis went to the Museum. Rem staid at home.
Dr [Tolefero] called in a carriage, to say both his
friends were sick.
Mr H. says Opera’s have a good effect on me, I shall
go twice a week. I think the same will cultivate his
musical talents.
Rima left an invitation for I and J. this evening.
Mr Leati offered Julia tickets to the Opera. Astor place, we
could not accept.