Monday. [1]9th Feb. 1851.
A fine, dry day.

The air is lovely, and streets dry.
I dressed and went down Broadway to shop.
Bought some collars & cuffs for Mother, some bugle
lace for Julia’s dress.
Rode up to Chelsea, sat two hours. gave my gifts.
Mother looks very well, and seems tranquil, even happy.
We talked over the “news of the day”.
I promised to go up on Tuesday, with the Troupe.
A sad foolish promise.
Returned home wearied, lay down to rest untill
Julia went to walk, met Mr Tom W. and
dismissed Mr Outlaw.
G. took a Nap; he seemed to enjoy it much.
He looks care worn, and pale.
Julia practiced her
music. I sat with her to enjoy it.
G. went out to walk, the evening was fine.
I recovered from my Weariness, felt better after tea.

An invitation from Susan C. to pass Wednesday eve.