Friday 5th March./1852.
A dull day.
Julia went to school & took her
singing lesson, but not as bright as usual.
Old Dr. Carpenter called on Mr H., in his office.
Gave him a full account of the misconduct of the
young Dr’s. since their stay in the city.

Mr H. feels anxious, and incensed, but too late to undo
much that could have been prevented. We should
have inquired sooner as to his habits and morals.
Mr. H. went to 28th no to the Webster meeting; a failure.
Dr. D. came in a carriage for Julia, Louis went with them.
A party from Mrs. Tileston’s went with them.
They returned early, with the Dr.’s diploma. He looked
pale, unhappy and [abashed]; but very handsome.
I wrote a long letter to Maria Hasbrouck.
Remsen was with me.

Saturday 6th March, 1852.
Damp and unpleasant.
We went to shop, took a
carriage, and staid three hours.
Purchased a ____d muslin from Stewarts. incertain [sic] 7$
Gloves for Julia & Louis 1$ .75.
Comb . . . 2 $ .60.
Took from [Rykmans], two pairs of
Boots, returned a thick soled pair. slippers for me . $2.

We stopped at Mrs Bloodgoods, left the dress to be made.
Called at mothers, found all complaining
They introduced an unpleasant subject, and I left soon,
not wishing to be excited.
Had felt miserable, when I went I went to ride, but that was better
from exertion.
Mr H. gave us plenty of money, and will spoil Julia, as
he has done, his “smaller part”. He tries to give us every
happiness in his power, and we ought to be thankfull.
and repay his [unwearied] love.
Julia went to see Miss Clark, was invited
to her reception and to a gymnastic ball by Fanny Wood.
Our evening dull, music the only resource.

Sunday. 7th
A fine day.
We all went twice church.
Julia walked with her father. He begins to take great
interest in her affairs; and knows every thing; she does or
says. How different my affairs were carried on. no con-
fidants, or intervention.
But it is better so.
Mr Hutun, gave us two sermons on “Our Father, who art
in Heaven.”