Friday 26th March. 1852.
Clear and beautifull

My morning toilette again
interrupted by a visit from Maria. She sat an hour, and
prevented my going to Chelsea, as I fully intended to have
done. After her departure, I went to call on
Mrs Bleeker, she had gone to “Orange”.
Went to Broadway and looked at bonnets in [Werds] Store
found nothing to suit. My furs too warm, and cloak
Mrs Chenery, paid me a long visit,- she fades very much.
Mr Leati, gave his lesson.
Julia anxious to go out to some place of amusement.
no one to escort her, she misses the young Lord.

Mary Remsen & Mrs Angus spent the evening with her
She gave them music in abundance. All her songs
both white & black.

Saturday 27th March. 1852.
Rain, Rain, Rain
The children full of regrets.
Julia, almost in the blues. Cannot get out
I took a warm bath, and slept an hour.
The boys went to dancing school.
A letter from Benjamin. all well at the Ridge.
A letter from Mr Petris. Mr H. gave him some charity $3
called to see him in Sullivan St.
Her music went to be lettered.