Saturday 27th March. 1852.
Rain, Rain, Rain
The children full of regrets.
Julia, almost in the blues. Cannot get out
I took a warm bath, and slept an hour.
The boys went to dancing school.
A letter from Benjamin. all well at the Ridge.
A letter from Mr Petris. Mr H. gave him some charity $3
called to see him in Sullivan St.
Her music went to be lettered.

Sunday. 28th
Bright, and beautifull
I took the trio and went to church.
A full congregation this charming sabbath.
“And the Spirit shall return to God who gave it,” – our
text, a solemn appeal to all present, to remember this
truth. It is not all of all to live.
Nor all of death to die! Mr Huttom solemn,
and interesting.
Rima, met us at the door, we walked up with her, the
streets thronged. I enjoyed the fresh air & exercise.

Julia went to Canal St. church with Rima, Mr Cornell
escorted her home, and sat an hour.
We were at tea, I would not invite him to take D’s chair.
Louis & Remsen took tea with their grandmother.
Brought me a note from C. and some books & papers.
I sent her a few lines.
Dr Le Count, passing the evening with them.
I wished G. to go to Church in the
evening, he declined, so we took a walk by moonlight.
G. does not seem very well this winter and
takes cold easy, looks more care worn.
Louis & Remsen fat & handsome.
Julia, requires the “Promethean ___” to make her pretty,
as a sylphid; but she bears up bravely.
The boys looked fine in their “Tiger pants”, to. day.

Monday 29th March. 1852.
Overcast sky, showers threatening.

I hoped for a clear day, and prepared
to ride down to see Bell.
A pain in my back, and weakness, cold water will
not remove this evil. Must go to my hip.bath.

My three irish girls get on well, and Margaret,
accomplishes her sewing, first rate, considering.
It saves me from a back.ache, and gives me time
to run about.
I took a walk with Mr H. after dinner, he left
me in the fifth avenue, and went up to look at a lot in 19th st.
Julia went with Fanny T. to bid Rima adieu;
they returned late.
My little one, looses her sprightly grace, but gave me
some music, to cheer us both. I do not wonder.

Tuesday 30th March. 1852.
Sunshine, and showers.

We promised ourselves a fine
day and forgot the deceptions of Spring. I dressed
and went out to promenade, took a collar to be fluted,
Bought some needles, & borrowed 6 d. from a beaux, promised
to call and pay up. A plate of mock grapes, also.
Dined with Mother, as on my arriving I found them
ready for company. Bell came in, and this decided my
stay. I felt unwell, weak, and was dull company, could
not keep up my spirits.
The damp weather, and a local pain, disturbed me;
also associations of those present and past.
Enjoyed fried oysters, and took some brandy after
dinner to warm my digestive organs.
We all took a rest, although Bell, could not keep still many
It commenced raining fast, and I knew Julia could

not get up to meet me, so my plans would be frustrated.
Mr H. came for me in a carriage first before tea;
and I was glad to get home dry, and without trouble.
He seemed glad to see me after an absence of 8 hours.

I never feel well any time in 19 St, and fear
to pass the day. Something ominous gives me a sense
of despondency; and when I get home it passes away.
It was so to.night, once at home my mind seemed
to rest, and spirits rebound, a cup of tea, was excellent,
and the children looked beautifull.
On G. I lean with all my might, he supports me,
under a higher power.
Julia wrote after tea, so we had no
I took a cold wash and went to bed, fatigued & thankfull.
Mr H. tried his new stock, and suspenders; too [wet]
for his Chap______. “