19 Charlton St.
Wednesday. 7th April. /1852
Remsen. 13. years.
Bright, and pleasant; snow melting.

Remsens birth.day. He is thirteen years old, but

looks younger. A round bright face, with fine eyes, and
fresh colour, gives him a sweet look. His figure is good
and hair brown, and soft, manners refines in company;
but the reverse when with his Cat.
His powers of study are very good, and if he chose to
aim high, he could reach any mark.
But he seems to care little for literary pursuits, and
thinks more of roaming thro the world.
His father gave him [$ 1], and Julia two shillings.

I went to walk found it too damp, streets
drying fast. Laid down, slept two hours.
Walked with Mr H. after dinner, he was dressed
in a complete new suit, and his moustache, makes him
quite distinguished. I like to see him in fine dress, and
he likes to tease me, by putting on young airs.
Julia, went with Jane to her fathers store. Mr M.
presented them each with a bottle of “jockey club”.
Jane treated at [Moffats] to oysters.
Julia purchased a knife. 6 shi.
Her purse containing a $5 bill, missing from her
draw, it was there on Tuesday morning.
I am very much troubled by this affair, and
must proceed with caution to find the thief.
Three dollars, was taken from it a month since.
I read “Twelfth night, or what you will” from
Julia practiced her songs, not in spirits.
The loss of a good friend is, a great sorrow, and even
the pleasing are remembered with regret.