Thursday. 8th April./1852.

Dull, and damp clouds.

I awoke full of pain this morning,
[macaroons], last night, make me sick.
Wash in cold water, and feel better, went to walk
at 12. A cup of tea and toast revived me.
Went for a fluted collar for Julia, 1 shil. took a ride
to 19 st. did not go in to see Laura [Julia’s brother Horace’s wife], as it was so near
rain, I did not like to tempt fate.
My ride was very beneficial, and gave me some
appetite. A rain set in soon after my return.
Mr H. brought up pocket handkerchiefs, 6 for
himself; 6 for me and four for Miss Julia.
All fine but, J.s
An impression of the magnificent order; splendid clouds.

Mr H. took a walk in the evening, and brought
me a present of a beautiful embroidered pocket handker
chief. this is a fine return from a beau; to an old belle.
Cost $8.
Friday 9th April
Good Friday.
Damp morning.
We did not go to church;
the streets were so damp. My complexions troublesome
Julia went out after it cleared to take a walk.
I rode up to see Laura find her looking thin, but in good
spirits. The children fat & hearty. Julia came in to dinner
not before I left. She took her lesson from Mr Leati.

Saturday 10th April. 1852.

Dull, and full of showers.

Mr H. sent me a carriage at eleven oclock.
Julia went with me to make calls; no not for the
rain fell in torrents.
I remained at home all day. Louis & Remsen went to dance-
ing school.
My time full of occupation, so much to mend, and
prepare for the spring.

Sunday. 11th April. 1852.
Clear day.
We all went up to the Church.
My furs too warm.
Rubbers unpleasant, but I cannot wear new boots to church.
Mr H. and Remsen went to Brooklyn. A lady gave
Mr H. 1 doz fresh eggs.
I slept two hours after dinner.