19 Charlton St. New York.
No record of this month, but I must
recall all the important events.
My cold left me after five weeks struggle, I was very weak & looked thin.
The Dr and Helen, staid two weeks with us, Julia was compelled to take my place, and go to Niblo’s with her; and other places.
Fanny Tileston paid us a farewell visit. Mr Outlaw did not call on us. No further news from the handsome D. the Storm has passed.
Mr & Mrs Leati, passed an evening with us, gave us
delightfull music. She looked pretty, but is not very
genteel in her deportment.
Mother, Laura, Maria, Henry, Ferd. and Bell made
up our party. The evening was very close, and our
cream & jelly melted in the parlours.

Mr H. was delighted with the Music, and with Mrs L.
F never knew him so much excited on the subject of

Rima, staid four days with Julia, they had beaux, music &
fun in abundance.
We prepared for the country, brought our summer goods,
from Mrs Meyers mourning store.
Grey silks, and stone col. muslins.
Bonnets, Mantilla for Julia.
Ginghams. ribbons.