Monday. 12th July. /52.

Still warmer than the past week.
I went to the cars with G. Remsen
drove me home. Met Tom W. at the cars, he gave me the
paper, I sent it to his mother. Mrs W. still has the fever;
I am sorry to have any one suffer this extreme weather.
We stopped on our way home.
Purchased belts, ink cotton, pins at [Sthepens].
a pair of suspenders from Mr Hale, for Remsen.
Our ride pleasant.
Sent three dress, and 4 pieces to Mrs Hoyt, to be washed.

All complaining to.night, bowels out of order. I among the
others, felt unwell. The heat distresses me.
Mr Fraimer, and wife called, both very pleasant.
I trimmed a skirt with deep work.