Wednesday. 14. July /52.  [Sing Sing]
Clouded, with heavy showers, at noon. not too warm.

I sewed steadily to day, trimmed Julia’s bloomer.
finished putting work on my skirt.
A pain in my bones, worries me, I fear the fever of this
place. All the neighbors have had it in their families.
Mrs Wetherby, is still sick with it.
Slept two hours after dinner,
took a cold wash and felt better. I do not grow fat, altho [sic]
my appetite is very good. My face troubles me; and de.
stroys all good looks. A bitterness in my mouth all day.

Sent Louis for his father, the rain pouring in tor.
trents [sic]. Julia, Louis, Remsen drove up, and came in dry, no
rain haveing [sic] touched.
Mr H. arrived two hours after, he waited for the “David and trotting
waggon [sic]. Brought up a load as usual. Port wine, brandy,
pine apples [sic] and Julia’s baggage,
The travellers look well and were almost detered [sic] by the
heavy rain from coming up, but G. knew I would miss
his usual punctuality.
Julia looks very well, and in high spirits.
She had made her visit to the satisfaction of herself & friends.
Dined at Mrs Falconers, as she was caught there in the rain,
her father came for her in a carriage, took her up to 19 St.
took Remsen in and proceeded to the Cars.
Julia had her bonnet trimmed anew.
Remsen pleased with
his sail on the Sloop, had been up all night, to watch the
river. Bought a waggon [sic] in the city.
I was thankfull to get my two once more
under my wing, and Mr H. felt as much relieved. He
thinks I worry more, than is actually the case.

Thursday. 15 July. /1852. Sing Sing.
A fine day, cool & pleasant.

I rode in the trotting waggon [sic] with G.
to the cars. Mr Mead, shook hands with me, very friendly.
Old Mr Wetherby also, I introduced both to Mr H.
Bid G. adieu, rode home with Louis.
Talked, and walked not much work.
Julia, Maria, and Louis rode to the village before after tea, called
on Mrs Frainer, not at home. They took ice cream.
Mrs Todd, called on us.
Miss W. and George spent the evening. Julia gave us
music, and entertained us well.
We all sat up late talking & playing.
Mr Swain, came up after ten, Mrs S. called out a [“] Man
in the house,” to frighten us.
Ham alone for dinner, Julia looked grave, so did I.