Monday; 19. July. /1852. Sing Sing.
Clear, and cool.

Mr H. Maria, and Julia left for the
city in the cars [trains], we took them to the boat.
I remained with the boys. met the Keymes.
How quiet and delightfull this day, no confusion
or restless spirits to muffle my path.
I am “never less alone, than when alone, for in solitude
my thoughts are employed in higher things, than
the things of earth.
It rests both my body and mind to commune with
myself and the interests of eternity.

I sent both waggons [sic] to the Boat, and brought
all home safe.
Julia, showed me her purchases, and Maria brought
me a present of a collar. Gave one to Julia.
Julia purchased a purple muslin dress, gloves, and
collar, music. Had her dress cut by Mrs B. left direc.
tions for mine.
We left the horses tied while at tea, in order
to ride when through this meal.
Challis jumped in the trotting waggon [sic], untied David,
set him off, and upset the waggon [sic], broke the harness, but
escaped an injury from his roll from the vehicle.
Mr H. was very angry, and not care.
full in his speech.
Mrs Swain felt grieved, and was almost in tears;
I comforted her as much as possible, and made G. speak
politely to her after all the mischief was done.
A mother must suffer for the mis.deeds of her
children; I know this by experience & Mr H. has felt
the pang.

Our well cleaned out, a dead bull.frog at the bottom.