Saturday. 24th July.

A fine breeze truly delightfull.

We all revive, the air is fine, a change from
yesterday, showers in the vicinity.
Remsen took us to the village, I bought muslin for
Josy’s, and 1 yd linen for Julias waist.
Left Julia at Miss Keymes, to pass an hour.
I was surprised by the arrival of Catharine
and Henry in the afternoon train. C. rode up with
Mr H. Seemed in good spirits.
Henry appears thin and feeble.
Mr Knowlton passed the evening; was very agreeable.
Julia sang and looked pretty.

Sunday.25th July. /52
Clear, pleasant day.

Julia took her Aunt Cate to
the Episcopal church in the village. Mr S. and wife
went also. I remained at home with G.
Henry did not feel able to go, his head dizzy.

We went to the “little church” after dinner.
Rode in the waggon [sic].
Mr Mead preached. Miss Creighton, sang well.
Debbie ann & William Legget spent the evening
Mr H. offered C. and Sarah Davis, to Louis as “help.mates.”
We had a laugh at this [cool] arrangement.

Tuesday. 26th July. /52.

Rain in the morning.
Mr H. did not
go down to the city. I rode to the village; was
caught in a shower, G. enjoyed the ride “Cripple bush
fashion.” It poured before we got home.
Miss Hoyt, cutting a muslin dress for Julia; and Margaret
assisting the making [sic].
Remsen took his Aunt Cate to Tarry town for a
ride. Mr H. went in the trotting waggon [sic].
Henry not very well, and I dread to take the
charge of one so delicate. He is pleasant, and very
kind and affectionate, but too feeble to enjoy the pleasures
of a country life.