Sunday. 1st of August. /52.
Cool and delightfull.
Mr H. took the chil.
dren to church, the baptists.
I rode with G. met Miss Davis, walking from S.S.
Dr & Miss Creighton called after church.
I went to church with Remsen, rode both ways.

Mr Swain & Josey both sick in bed with chills
and fever. they were sick all the week, Mr S. very
ill at times with fever. Dr Belcher was called.
We kept the house still; no music.

Monday. 2nd August
A fine day:
My journal has been
laid aside during this month; so now I must write
from memory.
The weather has been fine, showers
and cool days. A terrific thunderstorm, alarmed us
during one night, it struck a house below the Leggetts.
Mr H. passed most of his time with us; comes
up every night in the cars. I ride daily and the
horsed behave very well.
Have called on Miss Creighton, Miss Keymes, Babcock
Mrs Todd.
The cholera at the west, deters us from our jaunt.
Mr H. complains and lives on bread and milk. He
is anxious to give up the expedition; thinks it impudent
to venture from home.
Julia is miserable at the thought of giving up her
long cherished hopes, and I truly pity the poor child.
Her dresses are in good order and her “nice things” s____d
up for the occasion; but in vain, as her father evidently de-
termines to keep us all in Sing Sing.
I propose a short jaunt, but he declines, deferring all un.
till next summer.
I made one last effort and thought we might
get to West Point, but this also was abandoned. It is time
we are comfortably settled here, but this is too dull for Julia.
She wishes to see the world, and its wonders.
Mrs Swain, makes every thing agreeable, and if the chills,
and fever were not so much to be dreaded, we could feel
happy, altho quiet to the last degree.
Louis, has had three attacks
of this disorder, and took his quinine like a man.
Dr Belcher got him well in four or five days. I was sorry
to find him so sick but think his imprudence of bathing
while heated brought it on him.
Louis was sick the second week in this month August.
Julia and I went to the city, and passed the day
with mother found them all well, but Henry his throat
troubles him.
The city was cool, but I felt unwilling to pass even one day
there, only the duty to my mother called me down.
Julia went to the hair dressers, had her hair cleaned, and
dressed. She bought two belts & some songs.
I rested two hours; in Maria’s room. Could not lie on
the bed where my poor father suffered, and died.
Henry gave us a fine dinner of beef.
We left at four, met Mr H. at the cars. I was tired
out on my arrival at home. Mr Tom Weatherby [sic] came
up with us; laughed at our bundle of bread, peaches,
oranges, and ______. Mrs Swain, sick with the chill
in bed on my return. I poured out the tea.
Mr Christian did not keep his promise to meet Mr H.
In this month, We all went to the fair. I bought slippers
for Remsen, A game for the Swains, basket of flowers, and
pen infzer [sic], 19 shillings. August. 26th
Julia went two nights in succession, and bought a work.bas
ket for Mrs S. a watch case for Remsen, and a work.box for
Mrs Swherin, is in the neighborhood, Julia took tea with
her at Mrs B______s.
Mrs Ogiline is also at the Creightons, and I wish to call on
her. My visiting list is full, but time seems short.
Margaret passed three nights in the city, she was deter-
mined to go, so I spared her.
Miss Weatherby has been kind in calling to see us, her
mother is still an invalid.
The reports about George and Julia , are very annoying
to them both; a good joke, but untrue, and impossible
to contradict. Sing Sing is a mischief making spot for
match making.
I have been troubled with pain in my stomach and been
compelled to diet the last four days.
August will soon be over, and our summer at an end.
We have been eight weeks here, and hope to remain
untill the 1st of October.

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