Monday. 30th August./52

High winds, cool, and clear.
G. left us for the city.
I read “vanity fair,” an amusing book. Slept before dinner.
Remsen, Julia, and I,
went out to see Mrs Swherin, at Mrs [Remms]. She had
left this morning, not being very well. I was disappointed
having tried all week to get over, and was now too late.
Called on Mrs Hale, she has faded and looks old.
Rode to Tarry.town with Remsen, first putting Miss Julia
out at the gate. She is too large for a thin person, in
the waggon [sic]. Our ride pleasant to Tarry town.
G. took Julia after tea in the trotting waggon [sic].
The country is superbe [sic] after this storm.

Tuesday. 31st August.
A lovely day, cool and fresh.
I went to Tarry town
with Louis ,& Mr H. a beautifull ride both ways.
Mrs Swain & Julia, took the large waggon [sic] to Sing Sing. for
The Miss Todds. They dined and spent the day with us.
They all went over to the “Weatherbys” to call.
Mrs Knowlton and Jotham came over. Jotham took tea and drove the
Miss Sophia and Miss Julia home. Mr H. took Sarah down in the
trotting waggon [sic].
The last day of summer leaves us, and the evening
is quite cool, air damp, dews heavy.
My summer has been one of dread, and unsettled by the long
talked of jaunt. When that was over chills and fever, came
as a dreadfull reality, to mar our pleasure.