Tuesday. 7th Sept /1852 Sing Sing.

Clear, and warm.
I bruised my self packing our
Margaret sick and miserable.
Remsen had his attack to.day. the poor boy looks
thin, and Louis also.
He was up all night from the effects of medicine.
Mrs S. clever, but Miss [D.] stiff. Mr H. ditto.

Wednesday. 8th
Excessively hot & oppressive.
Mr H. has escaped any chills since
Sunday, and feels secure of being free from another
Mr & Mrs Knowlton called to bid us adieu.
I took tea with the Leggetts. Mrs S. went with me.
Returned late with Louis, dreaded night air.
I felt pretty well, & tried to be lively, could not keep up
very long. Rode to the L.s, the sun too powerfull.
to walk. Sent off the piano. George & C. came to bid adieu.

Thursday. 9th
Warm, and hot sun.
Mr H and Louis left in
the morning boat, taking the waggons [sic] & David [the horse].
Sent the baggage by the afternoon boat.
Margaret, sick could not go with it; her chill came
on first as she hoped to go.
I was quite sick myself, but kept on my feet
altho’ feverish, and weary. All d_____ d on me, and I
am worn out with anxiety.
Mr H. came up, out of humour because the chill
came on M. & because the baggage went.
How unpleasant such things can be made by
cuss looks & words.
A visit from a friend.
Julia took tea with the W.
I heard the news of Davids death from fever. a note from C.

Friday 10th Sep. 1852. Sing Sing & Kingston
Clouded, and showers at noon.

We bade adieu to Sing Sing. Mrs Swain
went to the city with Margaret, and we turned our faces
Mr H., Julia, Remsen and myself took the cars for
How miserable I felt, and how I dreaded this jaunt;
in my present situation. But go I must, as to stay
behind was impossible, so we set off; in no [amiable] mood.
My ride was a blank, and my head & nerves wild.
We landed in a shower, and reached Kingston to dinner.
I went to bed, and cried my self to sleep from _____
bodily weakness.
Benjamin [Hasbrouck, Garret’s brother], came down for the children, they
rode out after the shower. G. and I staid untill
the next day. He was anxious to push on, but I was
unable to give up, as I generally do in these cases.
Slept at Mrs Clarkes, a poor bed, but my
rest better than the past two nights.