Stone Ridge
Saturday. 11th Sep. 1852.
A fine day, quite warm.
Louis, came for us in Dr Wicks
waggon [sic]. My ride tolerable, but my spirits low.
All well at Benjamins [Benjamin Hasbrouck, Garret’s brother]. Maria better than usual.
We remained ten days with our friends.
Kept fires, as the country was very cold.
I was anxious to get home, could not be happy at
the Ridge, every thing so rough and so discordant.
Harmony is the order of “ a superior intelligence” but it
does not reign among mortals.
Congenial spirits, and the charm of a country life.
Margaret and Maria were kind to me, and petted the
children as usual.
They had no return of chills, and recovered their
appetites, seemed perfectly happy, on the old farm.
I was cold as ice during my visit, wore a
thick dress, but began to feel better after the first
We went to the New Church, and called on some
of the neighbours.
Julia, would have been very gay, had she staid any
longer. She enjoyed every thing. Had a new
beau a “tall Dr, not quite equal to the Southern D.

I have spent some pleasant days at the
Ridge, but could not stay in peace this time.
My nerves unstrung. Davids death a shock[Charles David Lawrence – 1817-1852].