October. 1852. New York. 19 Charlton St.
Sunday. October 10th 1852.
Dark, heavy rain, but mild as spring.
The weather keeps me from church, the
young gentlemen [,] Louis & Remsen, went to represent
the family.
Since our return to the city, the weather has been too
warm & close for comfort, with the exception of a few
cold days. A fire burns in the basement to dry the
air of the room
Louis & Remsen commenced school on the 4th of
October at Mr Parkers.
Julia, took her first lesson of Mr Leati, on the 4th
October, Monday.
On Friday the 8th October she
went to New Rochelle, under the care of Mr Bolton
and staid two days with Fannie Tileston.
They returned on Monday the 4th.
Tuesday the 5th I went with Julia to shop.
We took from Meyers mourning store, two graduated
dresses, and, One grey silk for Julia.
Went to [Alboni’s] concert in the evening, delighted with her.
Miss Fannie T. came in on Thursday to stay with Julia.
Fridaya 8th Mr H. took us to [Madame Sontag’s]
Concert. The audience was splendid, but the Mu.
sic, a failure. Sontag’s voice weak, and unsatisfying,
her form handsome but face homely.

We had sofa seats, the best in the house, and kept
ourselves from melting away by fanning.
The evening so close, my clothes were moist.
Fannie looked beautifull; the sweetest face in the
whole room. Julia very pretty & gentile.
I was bright with diamonds, showered upon me by
my generous husband; could he but give me youth!!
Simon Krum, and Charlotte called to see us.
Our dinner confused, as Mr H. was not at
home to preside. Louis & Remsen, are not models
of politeness, and deserve a thump occasionally.
Mothers are destined to be imposed upon, and
their influence cannot control the growing will
of sons.

It is only at the two extremes of life that a son
truly clings to his mother, at his birth & at his death.

In the periods of his existence, her arm is his
shield, her bosom his pillow. She nourishes the faint
spark of divinity entrusted to her care, and often in si.
lent agony closes in death the eyes, dimmed by years
and misdeeds. Why do the young forget these things?
or neglect the mother.