Tuesday. 12th October. 52.
Fine day, cool after sun.set.

I wished to ride this morning, but G. was
not able to indulge me; so a long walk composed me.
Tried to get to see mother after dinner, but found
it too late, my chest sore, and I like quiet at such times.
Julia, went to Mrs B.s, rode home in a rain.
I walked to eight St, took a Jelly at Wellers, and ordered
four jars of Jam raspberry. 2 $. Ran home in a shower.
Two letters for Julia from Maria & Miss Wetherby.

Wednesday.13 Oct.
Cool, and blustering.
Rain in the air. I spent this day
in a quiet, kind of happiness, such a state as my circum.
stances, allow me to enjoy.
My health is better since my return from the country;
Still a pain in my back troubles me very much.
Julia looks thin, and worried, and Mr H. has
lost his flesh. Louis & Remsen improve in appearance
and in Studies. I am very pale, and begin to look old.
Do not wear caps, but dread loosing side tooth.
I am getting the same look under my eyes, that my father had.

Thursday. 14. Oct
Equinoctial Storm, at last; it did not commence
untill after 2 oclock to pour in torrents.
I was dressing to go to mothers, Henry came in, sat
untill near dinner. Told me Catharine had gone
to Monmouth; and about his visit to the “Spiritual’
kwaker [Quaker], Mrs Fish. A wonderfull science, and almost
inaudible to hear his account of the true answers to his
questions. I cannot solve the mystery, and drive it
from my mind, as beyond or below my capacity.
I laid an hour on the bed after he left, to rest my lungs
The children came home from school.
Julia took her lesson from Mr Leati.
Rainfall in torrents.
Mr H. went to bed, and slept from dinner
untill nine oclock.
I wrote a long letter to Catharine, full of news,
and nothings.
G. held forth on the subject of Buck
wheat cakes, in a style of eloquence peculiar
to himself and Remsen.
Moschitoes [sic] did not trouble us to.night
but we still keep the net to protect us from their
_______ ______.
I read over “Wildfell Hall,” a course disgusting book.
how could it ever be thought worth printing.
It gives a revolting description of men & women;
true no doubt of a certain class.



Friday. 15. Oct. /52
Storm over, sun shines. Air cool.

We rise earlier since the stage comes,
and find it much better for housekeeping.
I felt sick in the night, but did not speak
of it at the table; thought it would pass away.
All left me for school, and G. went down
to his office.
I am very chilly, and fear to go out; the wind
is high, and trees blow furiously. Shopping calls me
but I will wait a few hours.
Julia & I went up to see mother, found
her well; and a fine fire in the parlour. I was cold &
enjoyed the heat. We returned before tea hour.
Ann had taken up a pumpkin pie in the morning.

Saturday. 16 October. 1852 19 Charlton Street.
Cold, and very blustery, a young winter.
I went early with Julia to get the trim.
mings for her silk dress.
Ordered a velvet mantilla for her at Mrs Meyers; a pair of
gloves. Sent her to Mrs Bloodgoods, to finish her
affairs of dress; she dined with her grandmother.
came home after I went out to promenade.
A few lines from Maria H. to get her some velvet.
Louis & Remsen spent the day at the f___e , and would
not wait for their sister.