Saturday. 23rd Oct.

Cool, but pleasant.
Eugene came in before our
toilettes were commenced, to [lean] us to the Fair.
Mother apologized, and did not keep her engagement to
go with us.
We spent an hour at the Fair; the exhibition very hand.
some. Jane, M. sat in the gallery, looking over the scene.
Miss Remsen & Miss Keymes, came in also.
Julia went with Eugene to Brooklyn, to call on Miss
Hasbrouck and Miss Depew. She returned to the Fair,
and dined with Isabella; came home to tea.

Mr. H. rode out, it was too late for me to go, I took
a walk alone. The waggon [sic] was broken, as I could not
stop David. and the lives of both Remsen & himself were in
danger, a jump saved R. and a good providence Mr H.

Sunday. 24th
Daniel Webster died A lovely day.
on this day. I went twice to church.
Fanny Tileston came in the afternoon after Julia had
left, I went with her.
Mr H. did not go out to Church, but spent the
afternoon rambling.
Felt the effects of his accident yesterday, looked pale.
Remsen, as usual. A distaste for Church.

Monday. 25th October. 1852.
Indian summer is with us.
How lovely this season, so mild
and beautiful. The leaves are falling, but we still feel
there is a hope left, stern winter; must not tear from
our eyes, all that is blooming in Nature. The foliage in
our garden resists the storms, and is quite thick on
the branches. The chickens seem to scramble around and feel
happy as if all could last. In the fall of the leaf, “ has fallen
a “Stately oak” once the pride of her country, now her glory; Daniel
Webster, the man of intellect, of self made wordsmanship.

Tuesday. 26th October.
Still delightfull.
My time occupied with the
tributes of praise, on the Croton & Statesman Daniel Webster.
The papers are filled with interesting matter, and every line
breathes an eulogy to this great man. He now appears to be
the idol of America, and is mourned by every lover of his
country. I read with [cridity] not all with belief.

Wednesday. 27th October.
Dark clouds, and cool air, sun shine by starts.

Mr H. waited for Ferdinand, and Bell.
Left before they arrived. They came at eleven, took the horse
and waggon [sic], and rode to “West chester” to dine with Louisa.
Returned safe and took tea with us. A pleasant ride, and
visit, they seemed to enjoy every thing.
I walked out, and slept two hours.
Mr H went to ride with David, alone.
I heard of his dangerous accident to night for the
first time; and wonder at his hardihood, in braveing [sic] the
face of death, A crippled child, or maimed body, to car.
ry through life, what a horrible thought; and yet this
is risked daily, for the folly of out racing some wild chap
on the road.
Horseracing is a dangerous, low amusement, and I hope
Louis & Remsen, will not contract a taste for it.

Thursday. 28th October.
Dull, and raining in small showers.

Clear at noon. Mr Leati, to day. I went
in to chat with him, he is full of his new house,
and very hospitable in his invitations.
Mr H. rode out; I wish to ride but fear the cold, and
exposure. All the benefit of the horses are lost for
me, having no one to drive, at suitable hours.

Friday. 29th October.
A fine day.
I prepared a dress for Julia to
wear to.night, to Miss [Allen Gorman]. She bought gloves
and slippers. Enjoyed the dancing, and returned at
12 oclock. G. and I went to bed, we cannot keep our
eyes open after ten oclock, poor old souls!!

Saturday. 30th October.

Dark clouds, a storm approaching.
I rode to Stewerts with Julia,
found no mantilla to suit me; from there went to
19th street. Left in a shower, met Catharine coming
down the street, after a three weeks visit to Jersey.
I could not go back, but told her mother was anxiously
looking for her return. She was very well.
Laura in bed with a cold. I took Henry’s umbrella.
Julia went to visit, was caught in the rain, with her
new dress. Came home heated and tired running.
Rain all the afternoon.

Sunday. 31st October.
Mild, and charming.
The children went to church,
I could not go. Took a bath, warm water, went to bed.
Mr H. went to see Mr Swherin, he was out to walk, G.
felt the heat, as in summer. We went to church after dinner.
Louis & Remsen, rambled off.