December 1.St. 19 Charlton St. N.Y.

This month was very mild, with frequent rains
and bright sunshine. Good walking, no snow, or wind.
Our long protracted Indian Summer, a topic of conver.
sation to all, as we look in vain for winter.
Of all weather this is the worst for health; and many
complain of sickness in their families
We have been blessed this season with good health, and
slight colds cannot be counted as a complaint, if
strength & appetite remain.
I have used cold water, and been spared thus far.
Mr H at the end of this month had an attack of
cold, and bilious affection together.
He took no medicine, and got over his attack in a week,
looked very delicate; his digestive organs weak.
Oysters, and cider too much for his powers; derange.
ing his bowels.
Louis & Remsen bring their stockings, I filled them full.
I made some preparations for the holidays, laid in good
things to suit Louis. Rain two days before Christmas.
could not get out to Santa Claus.