Saturday. 25. /1852.
Christmas, was a fine day, mild, damp
and raining in the evening. Changing often.
Julia went with me to ship, my purchases left [late]
this late hour.
We selected books for Remsen & Edgar. Coral ear.rings for
Fanny T. a wee book Rima, pocket handkerchiefs for the
ladies of 19th St. Cuff pins Aunt Bell. Collars girls, pointed
linen collar Judy, toys for the little girls.
G. gave Margaret & Ann each a dress.
To Judy, a set pins & ear.rings. 8 dollars to Louis & Rem.
a piece.
Books from Uncle F, and a pretty port wine from Aunt
Bell to Julia.
My present did not come this year.
At seven Mr H. took a carriage and we all went up to pass
the evening with mother, took in Rima, and Fanny.
A pleasant evening Julia looked lovely, and was the life
of the room.
She was called beautifull by the assembled guests.
Mother was not in spirits, and could not be in the room
with her friends, this was a cloud over the scene, as poor
Catharine felt in trouble.
Mr & Mrs Bradford, and the Loyd family from Jersey, the only
strangers. Maria, and a good supper passed the evening.
Mr Cornell, and Mr Willand our best beaux.
Mr H, the finest looking man in the room; so I
had reason to be satisfied.
He did the honours of the
table, and helped to the good cheer.
We left early, and sent our carriage back for the young
ladies & Mr Cornell.
Remsen Lawrence, staid all night with us, no I mistake
he went over home from our house.
Thus ended the 25th
of December, a day so joyfully anticipated by the young.
I passed a pleasant day, and brought home my Mitts,
a present from mother, and a sugar basket from Henry.
Louis & Remsen are thinking how they will
spend their time, and money through this long relief
from school and lessons.
Remsen bought a beautiful camera, for $6. it is beautifull
for its fine finish.
A turkey for dinner, the boys came home late from
Hoboken. Julia had been to see Fanny & Rima.
I wished to go to church, but could not shop and go there

Sunday. 28th Clear, but damp.
The children went to church, I could not venture
This week was spent in a variety of ways, my time went on as
usual, but Julia, was on the go daily.
We made calls, took a carriage, Old Mrs Loyd, Gardiner

Swherin, and Mrs Leati. Julia took a music lesson, I called
for her, Mr & Mrs Leati very pleasant. We stopped
at mothers. and took Catharine with us.

Wednesday. 19. December. 1852.
Moderate weather, A snow. clear before tea hour.
I called on Mrs Paulding, Mrs Berger.
My spirits light this week, no pains, or aches.
Garret, thinks me too young for him: he worries too much.
A letter from Maria H. all well.
My day book neglected, what is the reason, is it because
my time is wasted, or too precious to note the trifles of
my household.
I intended writing a journal, more concise and
less common place, but deferred my plan untill a new
Book & Year.