January. 1.St. 1853 19 Charlton St. N. York.
Saturday. 1st
Thick mist, drizzling rain & muddy streets.

What gloomy prospects for a New Years day!!
We prepared for the worst & hoped for the best.
My cake from “Sayers,” arrived at 12, fortunately I had some
in the house to set my table.
Jelly from Wellers.
500 Oysters from Downing.
Julia dressed, did not look as pretty as usual, less
gay in spirits.
40 calls, most her young beaux.
Mr Christian looked well, the first arrival.
I felt worn out on this day.
Too much exercise, filled me with pains, and my throat
was sore, when I arose. Laid down after dinner.
Mr H. quite sick to.day, kept his bed, and was
feverish the night previous. His bowels loose, and
flesh sore to the touch, bilious also.
Too many oysters, too much cider, and too much tobacco
brings on him this ill turn; but this truth is soon forgotten.
Closed the house at 11 oclock.
Clear evening, Sun bright the stars shine; quite a contrast
to the dull morning.
Remsen Lawrence, staid all night, amused the boys,
with his stories.
Smith Barker came late made us a pleasant visit; told
some droll anecdotes; and said he loved novels in his youth.