Sunday. 2nd January. /1853.
Clear, and bright.
Mr H. & I kept the house.
Julia went to church with her three beaux.
Laura & Maria in our front pew; Rima also.
Fanny T. dined with us, went to church with J.
Julia, took Remsen, and went with Rima to hear “Hugh
Carpenters, in Dr Springs church.

Monday 3rd
Rain threatening.
Mr H. better, he went to his office, looks feeble
Remsen L. went home.
Louis & Rem to school. Julia to Mr Leati from there
to call on Mrs Swherin, Miss Keymes. dined at grandmothers.
Spent the evening with Fannie.

Tuesday. 4th
Clear day.
Julia returned to school.
Mr H. much improved, looks better.

Wednesday. 5th
Mild, as Indian Summer.
Louis came from school
with news of scarlet fever in the Janitors family.

Thursday 6th
Boys at home.
Bell & F took tea with us.

Friday 7th
Julia spent the evening with Fannie.
Tom came around for Louis & Remsen.
Louis tired, from a jaunt in the country.